Arizona Kei Trucks


Due to popular demand, we now offer an “Import by Request” service! Simply contact us and we will work with you to locate your desired vehicle in Japan and bring it back your hands in the States.

Typical shipping times are currently around 60-90 days.



The first step it to fill out the form above outlining the vehicle that you are looking for. One of our import specialists will then contact you to get more information and use this to give you a more specific price estimate. We can also put together a comp sheet (on request) showing specific vehicles that have recently sold and how much they would have cost if purchased through Import by Request. This will also include images and condition information for comparable vehicles that have sold recently.

If you choose to move forward, we take a nonrefundable deposit of $500 by cash, card, wire, or cashier’s check and begin looking for your vehicle. On average, it takes 1-3 weeks to locate and purchase your vehicle in Japan.

During the 1-3 weeks it typically takes to locate and purchase a vehicle, we will stay in constant contact and keep you up to date with all available vehicles that show up matching your specifics. When you see something you like, we will get a full translation of the auction condition sheet and an in-person inspection to thoroughly examine the vehicle and determine if the condition is up to your standards.

Once we locate a suitable vehicle with help from our agents in Japan, we will place a bid. If won, we take the rest of your deposit (either 50 or 100% of final price) and begin arrangements for exporting your vehicle from Japan. This requires coordination for shipment of vehicle to the closest port, deregistration, pre-shipment inspection, radiation testing, and cleaning to ensure your vehicle clears US Customs without issues.

After your vehicle makes it to the States, we handle all US Customs Forms necessary for vehicle registration and legality, then arrange for transportation from the port to our shop. Once at our shop, every vehicle goes under reconditioning to ensure it is looking pristine and ready to be enjoyed reliably. This includes a detail and paint correction, any mechanic work necessary, tune-up, replacement of filters and flush/replacement of oil, coolant, and belts.

Once the vehicle is fully reconditioned, we work with our local DMV contacts to ensure your vehicle is titled and fully road legal. From there, your vehicle is ready for pickup or transport to you! All vehicles come with an Arizona Title and are ready to be 100% legally registered. If you are located out of state, we will help arrange shipping to you.

When you purchase a vehicle from us, we consider you part of our family! We can handle basic maintenance on Kei Trucks and help you to locate reasonably priced parts or mechanics for larger repairs if necessary. If you have any questions or concerns post-purchase, we are always here for you!