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Subaru Sambar Kei Truck: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The Subaru Sambar, particularly its fifth generation (1990-1999), embarks as a significant emblem in the lineage of Kei trucks. This Japanese gem, while compact, is a powerhouse of utility, embodying the essence of functionality in a petite yet robust frame. With a myriad of models and a lineage that dates back to the 1960s, the Subaru Sambar has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of compact utility vehicle enthusiasts. Let’s embark on a detailed expedition exploring the features and merits of the fifth generation Subaru Sambar, a compact companion for diverse needs.


Engine and Performance:
The fifth generation Subaru Sambar is powered by a variety of engines, including a 658 cc EN07 I4 engine, with a supercharged variant available. The standard model with a carbureted engine churns out 40 PS (29 kW), while the supercharged model, coupled with fuel injection, ramps up the power to 55 PS (40 kW). This range of power output ensures that whether you’re navigating through city traffic or carrying goods, the Subaru Sambar won’t disappoint.


With transmission options including a 5-speed manual, 3-speed automatic, and a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), the Subaru Sambar provides a flexible driving experience. The availability of Subaru’s ECVT system along with full-time 4WD and a viscous coupling differential in some models, the driving experience is enhanced further, especially on challenging terrains.


Dimensions and Design:
The fifth generation Sambar is compact yet spacious with a wheelbase of 1,885 mm, length of 3,295 mm, and a width of 1,395 mm. It’s designed to maximize space utilization, ensuring there’s ample room for both passengers and cargo. The weight ranges between 680 to 990 kg, making it a lightweight yet sturdy companion for various tasks.

Model Variants:
The fifth generation witnessed the introduction of special edition appearance packages like the retro “DIAS Classic“. The breadth of model variations caters to a spectrum of user preferences, ensuring there’s a Sambar for every need.


Sambar DIAS Classic


The fifth generation’s design evolution and engine upgrade to 660 cc marked a significant step in the Sambar’s legacy. Its unique design, coupled with reliable performance, makes it a coveted choice among compact utility vehicle enthusiasts.

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