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Suzuki Carry Kei Truck: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The Suzuki Carry, a quintessential member of the Kei truck category, is a beacon of practicality and reliability, especially its ninth generation (1991-1999). This vehicle is not just a mini truck; it’s a symbol of how functionality and simplicity can create an enduring design capable of meeting both personal and commercial needs. Here’s a thorough look into the ninth generation Suzuki Carry, shedding light on its features, capabilities, and why it’s an excellent choice for prospective buyers.


Engine and Performance:
The Suzuki Carry is powered by a robust F6A I3 engine with a capacity of 657 cc. This engine is known for its simplicity and reliability, providing a sound foundation for the vehicle’s overall low maintenance costs. It’s powerful enough to navigate challenging terrains, making it a dependable partner for various tasks.


Buyers have the option to choose between a 4/5-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission, in particular, is praised for its smooth shifting and power delivery, especially when carrying heavy loads up challenging terrains.


Exterior and Interior Design:
The ninth-generation Suzuki Carry adheres to a utilitarian design philosophy. Its boxy and compact appearance accentuates functionality over aesthetics. The interior is basic, with a minimalistic dashboard layout and straightforward controls. Despite its simplicity, the Carry offers comfortable seats, ample storage room, and a sizable loading area, making it a practical choice for a variety of users.


Driving Experience:
The 4×4 model of the Suzuki Carry features a four-wheel-drive system that provides excellent traction and stability on various terrains. Coupled with a McPherson strut suspension for the front end, the Carry ensures a strong and consistent driving experience. The easy-to-control gear shift further enhances the driving experience, allowing for comfortable and convenient switching between gears.


Fuel Economy:
One of the standout features of the Suzuki Carry is its impressive fuel efficiency, with fuel economy figures ranging around 16 – 20 km/L (~ 40-50 miles per gallon). This is a result of its small engine and lightweight construction, which not only minimizes fuel expenses but also contributes to its popularity among those seeking an economical work vehicle.


Modifications Over the Years:
The ninth generation saw several updates, including a gentle facelift in September 1993, transitioning from front drum brakes to discs on all models. Another notable change occurred in July 1995, where the front turn signals were changed from clear to amber, and the bolt pattern changed from 114.3 to 100 mm. These modifications, along with others like smoothing out the body design and updating the headlights, enhanced the overall appearance and functionality of the truck.


Legacy and Continuation:
The ninth generation Suzuki Carry truck and Every van was largely an evolution of the eighth generation’s final two years of production, embodying many innovations and additional features added to both truck and van models over its nine-year production run.



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